IOS Game Center Achievement Upload

Is anybody aware of a way of uploading all the Achievements into Game Center within iTunes Connect? I have about 30 achievements in 10 languages. That’s a whole bunch of clicking, cutting and pasting to get the data from my source file into iTunesConnect. I notice there’s a new feature to upload in app purchases. … Read more

How can I reset achievements from Google Game Services?

I’m testing my game using Google’s new Games Services, and I’d like to reset my account’s achievements for testing. I’ve found that you can reset achievements using google’s APIs ( and I’m using the OAuth 2.0 playground to send the POST request, but it’s not working 🙁 Specifically, I’m a sending POST request for “” … Read more

Modern tools for Ruby/Rails for building an achievement system

I am interested in building a robust achievement system for my Ruby on Rails application. The achievements can happen in a myriad of ways. Normally, we’d have some criteria that can happen to several models, some required, some optional (mix and match) that triggers an achievement. I would say this is similar to the achievement … Read more

Publish Android App with leaderboards and no achievements

I have got my leaderboards integrated into my android app, but don’t plan on adding achievements. I have completed the Game Services setup in the Developer console on Google Play, all apart from the achievements. When I go to the Publish section it says my achievements are missing. Is it possible to publish it without … Read more

Implementation of achievement systems in modern, complex games

Many games that are created these days come with their own achievement system that rewards players/users for accomplishing certain tasks. The badges system here on stackoverflow is exactly the same. There are some problems though for which I couldn’t figure out good solutions. Achievement systems have to watch out for certain events all the time, … Read more

Google Play Services and COPPA Compliance

I hesitated to ask this question here, since i’m not sure there is a definitive answer (but there can be, maybe i missed it). I’m implementing Google Play Services for a game on Android target at all audiances, including children under 13. So, I was wondering, does the use of achievements comply with COPPA rules? … Read more

Is there a centralized achievement system for browserbased onlinegames

I plan to implement missions with achievements (or rewards/badges) in my online space browser game spacetrace. I want somehow connect that to an existing online achievement platform for browser-based HTML5-games? There are some online platforms that lets users show their achievements in several games they have reached like GameCenter, OpenFeint, Steam, PlaystationNetwork and Scoreloop But … Read more

Best way to implement achievement system?

I’m currently trying to implement achievement system for my game. However, I can’t find a better way to realize some complex ones like: The player has collected x coins, complete level with time least than x seconds, Kill over x enemies etc. Can you share your experiences please? Secondly, Why don’t we just implement achievement … Read more