Should I go with Windows Phone 7 or Try Android? [closed]

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Examples of Android Joystick Controls? [closed]

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Why table in libgdx game give wrong position

Can anybody guide me, I am creating a table in libgdx game on menu screen to set different buttons on my screen. here is the code for table draw table.setBounds(0, 0,,; and here is the code for background for this menu screen batch.draw(bckTexture, 0, 0,,; My bcktexture image size is 600 … Read more

Scene2d Stage Actor setup issues

I am creating a game using libgdx. In the same each level has a class. I have stage as a member variable of the class. To this stage, I add actors. Inside the levels class, I have attaced the input processor to the stage like below. stage = new Stage(); sviewPort = new StretchViewport(OSR_Constants.VIEWPORT_WIDTH, OSR_Constants.VIEWPORT_HEIGHT); … Read more

Spawning enemies in four different positions with a fixed trajectory in android game

This is my first android game, I appreciate all the help. I want to define 4 spawning zones starting from out of the screen (left, right, up and down). Enemies coming from this areas have a fixed trajectory to the center, when this enemies come into the screen the player can move them to a … Read more