Import a 3D animation into an android game

I want to import a skinned and animated character model built with bender into an android game. The animations can be: idle, walk, run …etc I’ve seen a related question but it’s only about importing a static model: But I don’t see how to import a set of animation with tweened frames. Any ideas, … Read more

How to set default scale on a per bone basis

Does anyone know how I can change the default scale on a per bone basis in Maya? (I’m using 2016) I want the scale to be 1,1,1 for this bone without making it smaller than it currently is. So, I want to make the default scale of this bone 1.552, 1.552, 1.552. Therefore, it would … Read more

MoCap data files applied to avatars using Mecanim

I am applying some animations (e.g. running) from this free MoCap package that I got off the Unity Assets Store, and as far as I can see from running the animation previews, they seem fine (i.e. playing smoothly) but once I apply them to my avatar (generated through the free AutoDeskCharacterGenerator) and I run the … Read more

Synchronizing actions with animations across network

I’m working on a project which allows players to take actions in time-limited turns. All players are connected to a central server, which is authoritative. That means the server sends info that a turn for given player has started and the time remaining to take an action. This leads to problems when client-side animations are … Read more