CSS border shorthand when each border has a different width

Hi, what is the shorthand for border when borders have different width? I tried this: border:1px solid black, 2px solid black, 3px solid black, 4px solid black; and this: border:1px 2px 3px 4px, solid, solid, solid, solid, black, black, black, black; but none of them work. Thank you. Answer Use border: solid black; border-width: 1px … Read more

Underlining lines in full width, not only text

Hi,I’m currently trying to set something up with HTML/CSS that looks like a post-it note. An Image of what I’m aiming at Please note that every line should be underlined, no matter how many characters are in that line. Also every new line should be underlined completely. HTML: <p> <img src=”http://trööt.net/img/pin.png” alt=”Stecknadel”/> <font>Heading</font><br /> <span … Read more

How to remove borders from cells in a range in Excel using VB.net?

Aim to Achieve: To get rid of borders if any in the cells of range. I have : Dim range As Excel.Range = sheet.Range(“A2:K100”) For Each cell In range // Some cells in the Range has borders // How to remove borders from cells in the range Next cell Please help.. ! I am new … Read more

How to add black border to matplotlib 2.0 `ax` object In Python 3?

I’ve been using style sheets in matplotlib lately. I really like how clean the seaborn-white looks and I want to be able to add the border to other styles like ggplot or seaborn-whitegrid. How can I add a black border around my ax object from fig, ax = plt.subplots()? import pandas as pd import numpy … Read more

how to add colored border to uiimage in swift

It is pretty easy to add border to UIImageView, using layers (borderWidth, borderColor etc.). Is there any possibility to add border to image, not to image view? Does somebody know? Update: I tried to follow the suggestion below und used extension. Thank you for that but I did not get the desired result. Here is … Read more

CSS – Rounded border looks too pixelated

I need some help to fix my rounded border. It looks so ugly. I want it more smooth, but I can’t seem to fix it no matter what. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Here is a picture of it: Here is my HTML: <div class=”sidebar”> <!– User avatar/message/notification/settings buttons –> <div class=”userpanel”> … Read more