What does humanity do? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: What are the advantages and disadvantages of being in human form? (2 answers) Closed 7 years ago. I just picked up Dark Souls and it looks like I can either stay in “hollow” form or become “human” by using a special item that I gained after defeating a boss. … Read more

How much Sin per NPC?

So there I was one day trotting along in my Elite Knight Set in Undead Parish to visit the blacksmith. I goto talk to him, and me been stupid with my ‘habits’, I press every button on my controller in a spasm, (xD) and nearly kill him with my +10 Great Scythe. Went to Oswald … Read more

Chaos path weapon scaling

Let’s say I have a Claymore sword, which I believe scales with Intelligence. If I upgrade that sword to Chaos, will it now scale with both Intelligence and Humanity, or just Humanity? This question really applies to all weapons, I just used the claymore as an example. Answer The Claymore doesn’t scale with Intelligence, it … Read more

Beat Ornstein and Smough in NG+

I would like some advice on how I can beat Ornstein and Smough in NG+. I didn’t intend to finish NG+ so I didn’t prepare myself before killing Gwyn (Just pyromancy flame +5 with Fireball e.g.). I have Great Scythe +14, Uchigatana +15, Claymore Fire +9. I did not receive the large ember yet. I … Read more