Tool to find out XPath [closed]

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C# WatiN – Add an AlertDialogHandler to click ok button on every Alert dialog window

Hello Those who have used WatiN likely also used DialogHandlers. Well can someone teach me how can i assign a DialogHandler that will handle any Alert Box window.alert(), of a specific IE instance under WatiN control . The DialogHandler only has to click in the OK button for very alert dialog box, in that case … Read more

XPath – how do you select the child elements of a node?

I have an XmlDocument containing a XHTML table. I’d like to loop through it to process the table cells one row at a time, but the code below is returning all the cells in the nested loop instead of just those for the current row: XmlNodeList tableRows = xdoc.SelectNodes(“//tr”); foreach (XmlElement tableRow in tableRows) { … Read more

how to check parent of current node is root node or not in xslt?

I want to check the parent of current node is root node or not in Xslt.How i do that? Please Guide me to get out of this issue… Thanks & Regards, P.SARAVANAN Answer In XPath 1.0 (XSLT 1.0): not(parent::*) Or you may use: generate-id(..) = generate-id(/) In XPath 2.0 (XSLT 2.0): .. is root() AttributionSource … Read more

XPath: select tag with empty value

How I can find in XPath 1.0 all rows with empty col name=”POW”? <row> <col name=”WOJ”>02</col> <col name=”POW”/> <col name=”GMI”/> <col name=”RODZ”/> <col name=”NAZWA”>DOLNOŚLĄSKIE</col> <col name=”NAZDOD”>województwo</col> <col name=”STAN_NA”>2011-01-01</col> </row> I tried many solutions. Few times in Firefox extension XPath Checker selection was ok, but lxml.xpath() says that expression is invalid or just returns no rows. … Read more

Get children of an element without the text nodes

I am using Nokogiri with Ruby to interpret the contents of an XML file. I would like to get an array (or similar) of all elements that are direct children of <where> in my example. However, I am getting various text nodes (e.g. “\n\t\t\t”), which I do not want. Is there any way I can … Read more

How to select all empty elements with XPath

Assume the following markup: <html> <body> <p> <strong> </strong> <strong> </strong> <strong><em>Bar</em> </strong> <strong><em> </em> </strong> </p> </body> </html> How can I get the following elements with a XPath query? <strong> </strong> <strong> </strong> <strong><em> </em> </strong> I’ve thought it would something like //*[normalize-space(text()) = ” and not(node())] for the first both cases but it’s … Read more

selecting current element name in XSLT

I need to output the element name which is being returned after applying the xpath expression for example <xsl:for-each select=”//element”> <xsl:value-of select=”**{elementname}**”></xsl:value-of> <xsl:text>:</xsl:text> <xsl:value-of select=”current()”/> <xsl:value-of /> </xsl:for-each> How can i replace {elementname} to some xpath so that I can get the element name instead of current value Answer <xsl:value-of select=”name()” /> Side note: Avoid … Read more

powershell xml xpath

In Powershell, suppose I have the following xml: <Users> <User Name=”Foo”> <Friends> <Friend Name=”Bar”/> </Friends> </User> <User Name=”Foo2″ /> <User Name=”Foo3″> <Friends> <Friend Name=”Bar”/> </Friends> </User> </Users> How can I get all the users that have a “Bar” as a friend? (In this example it would be Foo,Foo3). Should I use xpath? Thanks! Answer I … Read more