Is there any algebraic structures used in functional programming other then monoid?

I recently getting to know about functional programming (in Haskell and Scala). It’s capabilities and elegance is quite charming. But when I met Monads, which makes use of an algebraic structure named Monoid, I was surprised and glad to see the theoretic knowledge I have been learning from Mathematics is made use of in programming. … Read more

Social Skils for Militia Captains?

What social skills are important to militia captains? The ones I think might be, but have no way of confirming are: Leadership Organization Teacher Are these used by militia captains? If not, are any social skills at all? Answer Those aren’t social skills, they’re used in military training, or (in the case of organization) used … Read more

How to prevent marksdwarfes from suicides?

My current fort has line of fortifications and line of floor built of top of the wall. Floor built on top of constructed fortifications. Markdswarfs are stationed behind fortifications on floor inside and should shoot siegers outside. z-1 z z+1 ,,W,,, ·fF··· ··f··· ,,W,g, ·fF··· ··f··· ,,W,,, ·fF··· ··f··· , – ground W – wall … Read more