Save Map generator preset

Factorio has a large number of settings in the Map generator. And saved Presets. I’d like to save a preset of my own preferences and it’s a feature I do expect. I have searched the Steam folder for one of the preset names, but can’t find any. How can I store my own map generator … Read more

Disable Factorio GUI info tooltip

What Factorio mod or setting do I need to turn off to prevent this tooltip from displaying? I can’t figure out how I turned it on and it’s interfering with my game. I have many mods loaded and it takes many minutes to restart every time, so the process of figuring out which mod it … Read more

Calculation of Copper Melting

The melter has 30% downtimes, I expect to have 66% downtimes. What is the calculation base? The steel furnance has a crafting speed of 2 per second. The electric mining drill has a mining speed of 0.5 per second The copper plate has a production time of 3.2 seconds This means, the steel furnance can … Read more