Can’t repair molecular relay?

So, I’ve just finished the Synth retention mission, and I have to talk to Father. I assume it means I have to go back to the Institute, right? However, when I got back to Sanctuary Hills my molecular relay components had been damaged, and I can’t seem to repair them, even though I have all … Read more

Brotherhood of Steel Quests

How do I start some of these quests for Brotherhood of Steel? These are some of the misc quests rumored, but I am unable to trigger them. I have a fair bit of progression along the BoS line. I have taken multiple Quartermastery, Leading By Example etc quests and completed them. A Loose End Getting … Read more

How do you turn on your own faction?

I finished Fallout 4 with the Brotherhood ending. Is there any way I can betray them? because if you attack the leaders they don’t die… Is there a way to betray the Minutemen as well? Answer It’s not possible to betray the Minutemen – they’re the faction that is available in the instance you betray … Read more