altair remove or suppress automatically generated plot legend

When using the altair package I’ve noticed that when a chart is created a plot legend is also generated. The follow code: import altair as alt from vega_datasets import data alt.renderers.enable(‘notebook’) cars = alt.Chart(cars).mark_circle().encode(x=’Horsepower’, y=’Miles_per_Gallon’, color=’Origin’, tooltip=[‘Name’, ‘Origin’, ‘Horsepower’, ‘Miles_per_Gallon’]).interactive() produces this graph: my question: is there any possible way to suppress this plot … Read more

Vega and Kibana – Dynamic timestamp label and filtered queries

I am working with my first Vega visualization with Kibana. { $schema: title: Event counts from all indexes data: { url: { %context%: true %timefield%: last_submission index: test_info body: { aggs: { time_buckets: { date_histogram: { field: last_submission interval: {%autointerval%: true} extended_bounds: { min: {%timefilter%: “min”} max: {%timefilter%: “max”} } min_doc_count: 0 } } … Read more