How are red dot/reflex/holographic sights implemented?

In first-person-shooters like Call of Duty, the hologram only appears when it is behind the glass portion of the sight. In OpenGL, would it be implemented by rendering the glass to the stencil buffer and then rendering the hologram, but masked by the stencil buffer? Answer i think you mean the 3 dimensional offset of … Read more

Unintentional slight arm position change

In the scene I have a capsule with a camera parented and a looking script so when I look down or up the weapon slightly moves forward and then moves back when I look straight forward. weapon when I look up or down- and heres how it looks normally when I look straight forward- Anyone … Read more

How can I achieve a bullet tracing effect similar to the one in Planetside?

I’ve noticed that bullet tracers in Planetside 2 don’t show up close — every time I see them, it came from a barrel a ways away. I don’t believe Planetside traces every bullet either, because then it’d look really weird. I’m not sure what the exact parameters are, so how can I achieve a similar … Read more

How can a team work together to assemble a large world map?

I recently played a open world FPS game with a large and dense game world, in a single map like this. It contains many objects, roads, rivers, trees, houses, rocks, hidden places, NPCs, etc… all carefully placed relative to each other. The game was made in two years (which is pretty fast regarding the content). … Read more

Frame Skips in MonoGame

I’m developing a 2D game using MonoGame. I’ve got a square on the screen I can move around. The problem is that about once a second, the square jumps a bit. Using a frame counter I found here I’ve concluded that my FPS drops from 59.9988 to either 59.3988 or 59.6988. It’s skipping frames. I’ve … Read more

Applied force is backward instead of forward when shooting an object

I have this FPS I’m making and I wanted to apply force to objects I shoot at however when I shoot on them, instead of going away from the camera they come towards it. I don’t get it. I could fix the problem by putting a -myTransform.forward but I want to understand the cause of … Read more

How to achieve a stable hover in Unity

In the game that I am currently making the play character is supposed to hover off the ground. I had used the code from the Hover Car tutorial on the unity website however this causes a lot of fluctuation in height even when staying still on a flat surface. This is a problem because the … Read more

Game Loop: Best way to limit the fps? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Implement an upper FPS limit in the gameloop (1 answer) Closed 7 years ago. My game-loop looks like this: public void run() { init(); final double amountOfTicks = 60.0; double ns = 1000000000.0 / amountOfTicks; long time = System.currentTimeMillis(); long lastTime = System.nanoTime(); long now = 0; double … Read more