Does an asteroid field event affects the ‘Tactical Approach’ achievement?

While trying to achieve the ‘Tactical Approach’ achievement, I’ve encountered with the below event (see picture). Scans reveal a large asteroid field nearby. Short-range scanners may discover useful materials while we wait for the FTL to recharge. If I attend this event, will it affect the ‘Tactical Approach’ achievement? Answer According to It also … Read more

How to achieve the ‘tactical approach’ achievement (Type A)?

“In the Stealth Cruiser, get to sector 8 without jumping to a beacon with an environmental danger.” What’s the game definition of ‘environmental danger’? Any advise/tip on how to achieve it? Answer As per the FTL Wiki: Tactical Approach: You must not jump into an environmental hazard until sector eight which includes asteroid fields, ion … Read more