Buffs on minions with echo

In Dalaran Heist, suppose I buff a minion with Echo in Bob’s Tavern. For example, suppose I use Tell a Story to give the minion +2/+2 for this run. If I play multiple copies of that minion in a single turn (using its Echo ability), do all of the copies receive the buff, or only … Read more

Identifying Uncraftables

In Hearthstone cards can be disenchanted to provide dust for creating new cards. I generally don’t care about golds, so get rid of them to buy things that give me more functional range. Lately I have been frustrated by the number of ‘uncraftable’ gold cards I have, which can’t be disenchanted and distract from finding … Read more

Accessing Plague Wing of Naxxramas

I tried to buy the Plague Wing of Naxxramas with gold. But I’m stuck at an endless “Waiting for Authorization” screen. I understand that a lot of people are seeing this (but I can’t read posts cause I’m behind a work web filter.) Was anyone able to get past this Authorization Screen without losing their … Read more