Level design: compute minimum time between two items for player traversal

Do any game toolsets offer a means of computing the minimum time it would take a player to move between two objects (or positions, more generally) in a level? I’m not asking about how one would go about calculating this, but rather just whether or not it has been done, and if so, examples. Answer … Read more

What tools/software are used to make the environments/levels/maps in games? [closed]

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Level Design V.S. Modeler

From what I understand being a level designer and a character/environment/object/etc Modeler are two different jobs, yet sometimes it feels like a Modeler can also do the job of the level designer. I know this also depends on the scale of the game. For small games maybe they are one and the same, but for … Read more

Looking for games in environments similar to a pinball table

I’m on a team of students working on a third-person adventure game that takes place inside a pinball machine (like, small scale, on the surface, avoiding pinballs, etc). One of my responsibilities on the project is to find games that are similar to this concept in appearance and/or gameplay for reference. So, does anyone know … Read more

How much a scene would be done in 3D modelling program before exporting? [closed]

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Art Guide Theory: Lighting an Game Environment (Objectives, approach/workflow and mood) in PBR

What’s the theory behind the Lighting an Game Environment in a Physically Based Renderer? As far my research, lighting an scene is done with different Rules and Different Ways of Lighting an Scene depending upon the scene. For an Interior scene – Omni Lights, Area Lights, point Lights and Spot Lights with baking is used … Read more

Looping 3D environment in shmups

So I was watching Ikaruga: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj23K8Ri68E And then raystorm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQ4V0G5ykAg After looking at their 3D backgrounds for a little bit, it appears that they use a lot of repeated segments. How would one start with the development with such systems? Would there be editors that can be used (or at least help) with creating the … Read more

Separating data from model and successfully visualizing it

This is a bit of a design question that I’m struggling with. I have a data model and an entity model. The data model is, of course, what is (de)serialized to represent my levels and entities within it, whereas the entity model is the run-time manifestation of the level actually being played. In addition, I … Read more

Building Levels… Any tips for nice ‘level enclosure’? To avoid having to make un-used parts of a level map

Hi everyone I have made myself a little SWAT action FPS style game. I have the basis of the code very well set up (by my standards!) and can easily add enemies where I want that all act differently by ticking different options in them. I have set up a mission list and can complete … Read more