What is the simplest observer/piston contraption that won’t loop?

I’ve tried to figure this one out on my own, but every configuration I can think of has the piston re-triggering the observer, which re-triggers the piston, etc. Very noisy. I’ve tried googling, but 95% of the relevant links are videos, and the videos inevitably either talk about Pocket Edition exclusively (not sure the same … Read more

Armable/disarmable dispenser traps in minecraft

I am building an automated castle gatehouse in minecraft featuring a corridor between two openable/closable doors where arrows will shoot anyone in the corridor; that can also be disarmed. here is a diagram of the coridor with no autimation where d is door and – is wall: ——- d d d d ——- My first … Read more

How do I prevent a second player from entering an area occupied by another player? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: Gate to allow only one player to pass through (4 answers) Closed 8 years ago. I am building a gambling machine that uses command blocks to take money from, and give money to a player. It also sends game messages to the player via the command blocks. Therefore, I … Read more