So I have Pokemon Sun & Moon and was wondering if there would be a way to transfer pokemon from a Sun & Moon Rom/Hack to the main game

Earlier I was reading this question, Is there a way to move Pokemon from a ROM to a Physical cartridge? It talked about Pokemon Black and White, it also mentioned that in the 3ds games there was some software implemented in terms of safety features and I was wondering if there was any way around … Read more

Do U-Turn and Volt Switch have the same battle effect as Baton Pass?

I know that Baton Pass can pass almost all status conditions to the next Pokemon that switches in. But how about U-Turn and Volt Switch? Both also switch out to another Pokemon after attacking, but are they also passing status conditions? Answer No, Baton Pass and U-Turn/Volt Switch are fundamentally different, despite being similar. U-Turn … Read more

What possessed the Channelers in the Pokémon Tower?

In the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town, there are a number of Channelers who are eager for a Pokémon battle. When they approach you, they usually make an insane gibberish sound. After defeating them, they apologize and tell you that they were possessed. But what actually possessed them? Was it their Pokémon? Or something else? … Read more