Temporary download folder for Steam on Mac

I want to know this, because I deleted some ncf/gcf files for portal 2, because the updating was stuck. And now it wants to download it all (11GB) again, so it would be nice if I could copy the content to the download location, without Steam noticing. Answer I would let Steam download whatever it … Read more

Where is the config file for Portal 2 located on OSX?

I am having trouble finding the config.cfg config file for the Source engine on OSX. It isn’t in an obvious place in the package. Does anyone know where I can find it? Thanks, Matt Answer It should be in SteamApps/common/portal 2/portal2/cfg/config.cfg. Source (The Portal 2 folder should be under common like all recent Valve games, … Read more

How to enable trajectory lines in Portal 2? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Closed 10 years ago. Possible Duplicate: Turning on Aerial Faith Plate trajectory display? I want to see the trajectory lines mentioned in developers commentary (youtube link) in Portal 2; developers used them to debug application. I was able to enable a console. I apologize but I found answer … Read more