Does the PS4 support SimulView?

Does the PS4 support SimulView (the feature which allows two players to see different thinks on one single TV utilizing 3D techniques) like the PS3? Answer From the Playstation Help page about SimulView: What games support the SimulView feature as of launch? Will future games support SimulView? The following titles are supported: MotorStorm: 3D Rift … Read more

Destiny: Weekly crucible bounties

I’m a Destiny veteran, but I just realized that I never completed crucible weekly bounties. I know that I have to go to lord Shax in the tower, but he doesn’t give me the weekly bounty mission (as I saw on a video on youtube)… How can I obtain crucible weekly bounties ? Answer According … Read more

Restoring from an applicationless backup

I think I just learned a valuable lesson, but I need some confirmation. If I take a PS4 system backup with the Applications checkbox unchecked, then later restore that backup, is it supposed to wipe all the games off the system? If the answer to that question is yes, I assume the game data will … Read more