How can I skip the tutorial?

I am trying out the Rogue Legacy demo. I do understand that the objective is to have succeeding generations to slowly build up strength – but when my initial character dies a miserable death in penury, I just want to restart the game. Using the Delete Save option in the menu, the new character always … Read more

Running Rogue Legacy on Linux

I was able to install Rogue Legacy 1.1.12c on Ubuntu 13.04 with Wine 1.4.1, but running it fails: $ wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Rogue\ Legacy/RogueLegacy.exe wine: Install Mono 2.8 or greater for Windows to run .NET 4.0 applications. I managed to install Mono and .NET: Removed Wine installation: $ rm -rf ~/.wine Downloaded gacutil-net40.tar.bz2 and prepared it … Read more