Improving my Roguelike Dungeon generator? [closed]

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Roguelike Class Structure Makes Everything Effectively Global

A brief rundown of the hierarchy of the game data objects: Configuration – loaded from XML files, has Descriptors, among other things Atlas – has a Configuration, has a CreatureInstance(represents the player’s creature instance), is an associative array of AtlasColumns AtlasColumn – has an Atlas(parent), is an associative array of AtlasCells AtlasCell – has an … Read more

Why do unidentified items seem to solely exist in roguelikes? [closed]

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Why are dungeons so often created subtractively rather than additively?

I’m having difficult deciding on how to procedurally generate a dungeon floor. The way I’ve been doing it so far is like so: Populate list of Rooms with random height and width. Place first room in list at (0, 0). Add room to a temporary list of rooms that have been successfully placed. Place next … Read more

Using my pathfinding more efficiently

I’m making a roguelike in C# with the Roguesharp libraries, in which the map can be as large as 200×200 cells. When I have an entity requiring pathfinding, I am using Roguesharp’s built in pathfinding system (which I believe uses a variation on A*, with Manhattan movement instead of orthogonal movement). When I have an … Read more

create a simple tilemap programatically

i am working on a tile roguelike i got some of the basics working using this tutorial but i want to be able to create a map programatically instead of using the tiled editor just add a NSArray of sprites/tiles to my CCLayer derived class or something, or should i make use of the … Read more

Designing a weather system for biomes in a roguelike

I’m making a roguelike game similar to dwarf fortress. So far, I have an average temperature map and average yearly precipitation map generated with simplex noise. Now, I’m trying to implement a weather system that seems realistic, as in it rains more often in biomes with higher precipitation rates, but still seems coherent. Some of … Read more