In Sim City 4, what does the “obliterate city” animation supposed to represent? [closed]

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Why can’t I unlock the Bureau of Bureaucracy?

I believe my current city meets all the requirements to build the Bureau of Bureaucracy, yet I am unable to unlock it. Many websites state its requirements to be the following: Residential population: 39,000 Mayor rating: 30 Education funding: 101% Health funding: 101% Courthouse has been built My city is as follows: Residential population: 185,000 … Read more

Why are pipes rusting and bursting

In Sim City 4, I have a small city with population 1000. I have one water tower and pipes to give the entire area coverage. I’m using about 1/6 of the water tower’s capacity. I’ve funded the water utility over 100%. However, I’m getting burst and newly rusted pipes every month. I’ve repiped, pushed utility … Read more

SimCity 4 for Intel-based Macs?

I used to love playing SimCity 3000 and was wondering recently what new versions have come out since then. I found SimCity 4 which sounds pretty cool. I switched to an Intel based MacBook Pro half a year ago, and Wikipedia lists couple of bugs that are told to render SimCity unusable. Does anyone have … Read more

Is there a population cap for cities in SC4?

Im currently working on a city that’s population has been growing fairly steadily for a while, but it seems to be struggling to get past the 600,000 inhabitants mark. It’s strange because the major rating is full and health, education, police and fire coverage is all funded to capacity. Recently though there has been problems … Read more