Getting someone’s Steam inventory

I am making a website that needs to access the Steam inventory of the user. I found an API to get Team Fortress 2 inventory, Dota 2, CS:S, CS:GO and Portal 2. But I didn’t find any API for getting Steam inventory. Is it possible to access a user’s Steam inventory? Answer New Endpoint There … Read more

When should I publish my Steam page?

I developing my game, which still in alpha, and plan to sell it via Steam. I already applied to Steam partnership program and want to publish my ‘coming soon’ Steam page to start gather wishlists, but it on hold for now. I don’t have any promotional material yet, but people on social media positively reacting … Read more

If Windows 10 store games aren’t crackable, why continue to publish on Steam?

I never heard that any of those games that are exclusively sold on the Windows 10 store have ever been cracked. But some games on Steam are cracked days after release, even with the protection of something like Denuvo. Given that, why should a game developer continue to sell games on Steam instead of just … Read more

How can I get a list of player IDs on the server without starting the game?

Sorry for my English. When I launch the ARK Survival Evolved game and connect to the server, I can receive player IDs and track changes if someone comes in or out. Below is the code that gives me this information. #include <windows.h> #include <iostream> #include “include\steam\steam_api.h” #pragma comment(lib, “steam_api.lib”) using namespace std; int main(int argc, … Read more

Authentication and keeping track of users for a cross platform game (Steam+mobile)

I’ve got a question about authentication/user accounts. I’m building a game using Unity that’ll be sold on Desktop (through Steam) and Mobile (Play/App Store). The game has online multiplayer functionality. I’d like to be able to verify if the clients that connect to the server have actually bought the game and have the option to … Read more

Install and register game to local steam client programmatically

I’m doing some automated UI testing – I want to programmatically install a game and then launch it. From what I’ve seen, the Steam client isn’t very accessible for UI automation (I can’t view elements in Accessibility Insights so I can’t automate element interaction). I’m able to download the games to a folder using SteamCMD: … Read more

Can steam features be used in a game bought on an alternate distribution platform?

We’re in the process of game development where we need to integrate with the Steamworks API for multiplayer matchmaking, achievements, player stats, etc. We also have a rudimentary implementation integrating with the Steam Workshop in order to distribute player-authored content. However, I have a remit that the game should be publishable on other distribution platforms … Read more