can log into Minecraft at home (on Mac) but not recognised on on PC elsewhere..?

My son logs into Minecraft on our computer (Mac) but since he joined the Minecraft club at school he cannot log in there. We know the login details are correct but he gets the message that they are unrecognised or the referenced account cannot be logged on to. Other people are using Minecraft there so … Read more

Prompted to reinstall Terraria after opening it, and character missing after reinstallation

I opened up Steam and went to Terraria, but instead of saying “play,” like it usually does, it said “install.” So I installed the game, even though I had never uninstalled it in the first place. After the install, everything was exactly the same except one of my characters was replaced with a blank character … Read more

Increase cell loading range with distant landscape rendering off

Whenever I play Oblivion, I almost always turn off the ‘Distance Landscape’ setting. I enjoy the Morrowind-ey vibes it gives and it tends to make Oblivion run at a much more stable and consistent FPS. Unfortunately, this will often cause cell borders to be clearly visible until the neighboring cells suddenly pop in. These pop-ins … Read more