Highest rating armour?

I was recently watching a live stream on twitch tv and I heard that there is apparently armour and swords that have a higher protection and damage stats than the Ursine mastercraft ones. Is this true? If anyone knows anything about these items than I would love to know about them! Answer I have found … Read more

How to start Radovid’s quest line?

I recently finished my first playthrough of the Witcher 3 and in the epilogue I got it was mentioned that mad King Radovid has conquered all of the North including Novigrad and due to his hatred of all magic is persecuting and killing anyone related to it, including Herablists and Sorceresses. All in all rather … Read more

Crafting missing components

I have a fair few crafting item (potions, decotions, bombs, and items) that have some missing components. I know that smiths can break down some components into others. For example, to craft a sword I need three monster eyes which I do not have. I do have seven Nekker eyes which a smith can break … Read more