Installing mod_wsgi on WAMP server running on Windows 7

I downloaded mod_wsgi from the following location for apache 2.2 and python 2.7 (64bit). (I’m trying to get django to run on my computer). Whenever I add the following line: LoadModule wsgi_module modules/ Apache fails to start up. Can anyone tell me what the issue might be? Answer These are the following things you need … Read more

How to prevent file redirection to VirtualStore for read/write files?

I am using C# with .net 2.0 I am saving my program data in a file under: C:\ProgramData\MyProgramName\fileName.xml After installing and running my application one time I uninstalled it (during uninstallation I’m removing all the files from “program data”) and then I reinstall the application, and ran it. The strange thing is that my application … Read more

Taking screenshots in Windows Vista, Windows 7, with transparent areas outside the app region

I am trying to take a screenshot of an application and I would like to make the parts of the rectangle that are not part of the applications region be transparent. So for instance on a standard windows application I would like to make the rounded corners transparent. I wrote a quick test application which … Read more

ASP.NET websites under IIS 7.5 (Windows 7) running extremely slow

I’ve just installed Windows 7 x64 Ultimate on my desktop PC. I installed IIS, Visual Studio 2008, registered ASP.NET, etc. I have this ASP.NET 3.5 website I’m working on running EXTREMELY slow on this new IIS. On STA and PROD servers (Windows 2003 Server) and on my old XP/IIS 5.1 everything runs smoothly. A page … Read more

Windows7 boot option to allow unsigned drivers ignored

I’m learning Windows kernel mode driver development. I’ve written a small test driver that I can successfully register, unregister, load and unload under Windows 7 32bit Ultima edition running under a VM in VirtualBox. My host is Windows 7 64bit Home Premium edition. The driver, compiled for 64 bit, will not load under Windows 7 … Read more

PIL image show() doesn’t work on windows 7

I would like to show an image using python on windows and other platforms. When I do: from PIL import Image im =‘image.png’) my default viewer opens up and tells me that Windows Photo Viewer can’t open this picture because either this file was deleted , etc. The file is probably deleted because … Read more

Delphi form icons are blurry on Windows 7’s taskbar (with MainFormOnTaskbar enabled)

We have a Windows desktop application written in Delphi that works fine on Windows 7, except that the icon of the main form looks blurry in Windows’ new taskbar. As long as the application has not been started the icon looks fine (i.e. when it’s pinned to the taskbar). Once it has been started Windows … Read more