Clearing an invalidated quest from the journal (Mark as complete)

So… Long story short, I killed Melka. I got frustrated because the gate said Press E to Open Gate and it simply would not. I gave up at the time (several actual days ago) and am just now going through my Miscellaneous quests to clean them out of my log. Today I walked up and saw, oh… there’s a chain there. I opened the chain, and there was the body.

Well apparently murdering her didn’t invalidate the quest and now it’s still in my log as Kill the Hagraven Petra. I’m on PC and honestly just want to get it out of my log. I consider the quest “complete” as my goal was to get a staff and after looting the body, uh mission accomplished. I’m fairly confident that this quest was purely optional (and that I took a valid course of action to complete it).

Is there a console command to complete a quest (or mark it as complete) or any other way of removing it from my log?


Or.. to get the quest off the books, bring console up with ~ (Tilde), type “setstage dunBlindCliffQST 100” and this finishes the quest and sets it as completed.

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