Completing “Discerning The Transmundane” with a clear conscience

The “Discerning The Transmundane” quest requires me to “harvest” the following:

  • Orc Blood
  • Falmer Blood
  • Dark Elf Blood
  • Wood Elf Blood
  • High Elf Blood

However I prefer to only kill in self-defence. Is it possible to complete this quest without killing in cold blood, and if so what is the easiest way of doing so?


It is entirely possible to complete it with a clear conscience, it’s just going to take much longer than normal. Most, if not all of the races needed will be in a position to attack you at some point in the game. Here’s a list of the races, and some possible examples:

  • Orc Blood: During the daedric quest The Cursed Tribe
  • Falmer Blood: Can easily be found inside Dwemer ruins
  • Dark Elf Blood: Many vampires or magicians found in dungeons are dark elves.
  • Wood Elf Blood: Wood elves are very common bandits, usually posted on guard towers. Also, the random thief encounter (the one who demands you give him money) is most often a wood elf.
  • High Elf Blood: During the main quest Diplomatic Immunity you will fight Thalmor (High Elves) almost exclusively.

Hopefully this helps.

Source : Link , Question Author : jwaddell , Answer Author : Niro

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