Connect SEGA Mega Drive 2 to smart TV

I have an old console, SEGA Mega Drive 2:
SEGA Mega Drive 2

The outputs:
enter image description here

How can I connect to my LG 55UH605V television?
enter image description here

Which type of cable/converter do need I to buy, for the best experience?


I would connect it in this way. The Video output of SEGA Mega Drive 2 would be connected to the Video(Y) at the back of the TV and the audio out of Sega would connect to White Audio/Mono socket at the back of the TV.

A simple dual-RCA cable would suffice in this scenario. The console outputs a mono channel sound-stream, and your TV has provision to accept exactly that.

RCA Cable

Source : Link , Question Author : user594297 , Answer Author : hjpotter92

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