Cortez thinks I’m gay, will it affect my chances to date women?

My male Shepard has been trying to be a general nice guy to Steve Cortez, maybe a little too much, encouraging him to take shore leave “for me” and encouraging him to visit the refugee remembrance wall. Now he’s asking me out for drinks and I need to let him know I’m not that kind of guy without destroying my paragon points.

Additionally Liara, who was warming up to me, hasn’t had a dialogue option for some time now and Traynor has been all business.

Is my friendship with Steve killing my chances with the girls?


When you go to the club with Cortez, he will mention that he’s “checking out the eyecandy”. After he says this, you have two dialog options:

“I’m eyecandy too” or “The eyecandy on stage is good enough for me”.

Choosing the second one will let him know that you’re not gay, without hurting his feelings, and you’ll stay good friends, which will allow you to pursue other interests.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tharius , Answer Author : Mr Smooth

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