Creating cantilevers in Minecraft [duplicate]

I found an elevated place in Minecraft and would like to expand its borders. However it seems I can’t add a block adjacent to a surface without being able to see that surface, and on an elevated area this means I’ll have to be off of the area in order to accomplish this. Is there a way to create a cantilever-like structure, specifically, a way to extend a ‘floating island’?


If you sneak up to the edge – holding down Shift (Source) you will be able turn round and see the outside edge of the block just placed. The added advantage of this mode is that you can’t actually fall off the block even though it looks like you aren’t standing on anything.

Using this mode you can extend your plateau by as much as you like.

It will take a while though.

Source : Link , Question Author : fbrereto , Answer Author : ChrisF

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