Creating deep-safe bookmarks in Eve Online?

It used to be possible to create ‘deep-safe’ bookmarks, that were farther than 10 AU outside a system. As of the Tyrannis patch, that’s no longer possible. So what is possible, and how? Can you make a bookmark that’s 9 AU out-system?

According to the link, you can no longer warp to distant objects (such as other systems), so there’s no way to make a mid-warp bookmark at 9 AU. Is Microwarp Drive the only option for going long-range? Because that’s a long way to run on MWD. 🙂

Update: according to another blog post, it sounds like CCP is not deleting existing deepsafes, just moving them inwards to the 20 AU limit. But it’s not clear if we can still make deepsafes, even at 20 AU. Anyone know if they still can be made? And how?


The Poseidon method should still work, to my knowledge of the patch. I will confess I haven’t attempted it. It is, however, my understanding that any ultra-deep-safe created by this method will be pushed into the acceptable boundaries on the next downtime so I wouldn’t try stashing anything there.

Mid-warp bookmarking to create off-lane safes is a much safer and more reliable method. There’s no such thing as an unprobable safe spot anymore.

Source : Link , Question Author : Cyclops , Answer Author : qoonpooka

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