Cutting Grass in Die2Nite

When I am playing die2nite, I really dont care how long the grass is. With that said, I found a lawnmower. What should I do with it instead?


The lawnmower is a weapon that if found incomplete requires Duct Tape, Nuts & Bolts and Wrought Iron to build.

The lawnmower kills 2 zombies per use, with a 30% chance of breaking. It can be repaired using the Repair Kit or Kwik-Fix; however, this action takes 1 AP. Due to the 1 AP cost to repair while out in the field, it becomes less useful once your town has built Plumbing, especially because on average, you should get around 6-8 kills per repair. So with 2-3 repair kits it may well kill more zombies than a cart full of pistols, but the AP cost and the number of zombies it will destroy is not guaranteed so it is unreliable.

Source : Link , Question Author : Connor Albright , Answer Author : Mana

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