Cutting my kid loose from my PS account?

So my kid is 15 now, and heavy into Destiny and other such games.

We’ve had a PlayStation for years, and when you first started needing an account, I created one for me, and the kids played on my account. When we started playing Diablo together, we all needed our own accounts, so I created them sub-accounts under mine.

Now, he’s playing Destiny (and other games) on his own (with his friends), and for all intents and purposes, he’s me… using my name, etc. I don’t have a real issue with that, but I’d like at some point for him to be able to use his own account (so his friends don’t pop up messages while I’m watching PSVue on my account, etc)… is there any way to transfer all of his stuff over to his own sub-account? I know that he could start from scratch, but at that point, he’d lose all of his DLC and all of his progress, etc.

Any thoughts?


In addition to Zero Stack, besides the purchased items there is no possible way to transfer account data in Destiny. The reason for this, is to ban the concept of selling account/items.
As a Destiny player, I think starting from scratch is not desirable in this stage of the game, while this is the only option for you.

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