Deus Ex: How to do a non-lethal takedown of an MJ12 Commando or MIB — without the riot prod?

Nonlethal = the target is unconcious. I’ve ran out of Riot Prod ammo and there’s only A51 underground left.

Any takes?
Bonus points: 1-shot non-lethal takedown of an MIB while he is sitting?



MJ12 are semi-ordinary human beings. I can confirm Albort’s comment about the baton: in my non-lethal play-throughs I’ve taken out MJ12 with the baton and the strength mod. Possibly without the strength mod too — I don’t remember for sure.

You might want to try crouching and hitting them in the knees from behind: I know for sure that’s more effective than a back-hit for the riot prod, and it might also be more effective with the baton. I believe head hits are more effective too. You probably know this, but the key is to catch them by surprise. As soon as they’re alert, a nonlethal attack does way less damage.

You can also take them out easily with tranquilizer darts.


MIB are another story. The only non-lethal way I ever found to deal with them was to avoid them, or to take them out with tranquilizer darts. And boy, it takes a lot of darts. Also, it’s been a few years, but it’s possible they explode after falling unconscious… not sure about that.

As for a one-shot non-lethal MIB takedown: while I haven’t obsessively tried every method (and this from someone who had obsessively played through the game eight times :-), I don’t believe it’s possible. They’re incredibly tough.

Source : Link , Question Author : didi , Answer Author : Feral Chimp

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