Diablo 2: Strongest Hardcore Classes with No Gear

In Diablo 2 (Expansion), what characters survive well in hell with minimum gear? Ideally, this character will be a basic MF character designed to build ‘wealth’ as I am returning to the game after many years.


I played HC Diablo2 for years and I would strongly suggest a Summoner-Necro as your first character.
A sorceress is faster for MF, this is true, but without proper Gear your sorceress is very vulnerable. The Necromancer on the other hand can stay behind his skeletons and wear crappy gear as he very rarely gets attacked. Even a socketed Armor with topaz gems will do fine for first MF runs.

I used to have a wand with teleport charges on my second weapon-slot, so I could switch weapons using W Key and quickly get out of harms way.
Get a Act 2 mercenary with Might-Aura as soon as you reach Nightmare difficulty.

IMHO the Summoner-Necro is the easiest class to get through the whole game with crappy gear. On your way you’ll find good stuff to get another character going.

Source : Link , Question Author : Aardvark , Answer Author : bummzack

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