Did Humble Bundle stop supporting the “Activate on Steam” option?

There was a time where you could link your Steam account to your Humble Bundle account and have the codes automatically redeem as you clicked them, without all of the copy-paste-wait-wait more-click next-wait more-keep waiting-click finish business. This was an excellent feature and I loved it. But now it doesn’t appear to work for me.

It still shows my account linked to a Steam account, so the framework hasn’t been removed, but it doesn’t seem to function for me. Is this working normally when it gives me the codes, or is it something in my own Humble Bundle or Steam account that’s broken and I should try to fix?

(If it is something broken, troubleshooting help is also appreciated, but not necessary to answer my question.)


Essentially, yes.
According to this Humble Mumble blog post, they have stated that they’ll be removing OAuth support for Steam, which is the main method of redeeming keys through a third-party/link.

And that all purchases made before the 12th of January 2015 can still use this method up to around the start of Febuary. Anything bought after the 12th or is unredeemed by the start of Febuary will be converted into actual usable keys… Codes.

So why?
Nobody knows; Steam has not released an official announcement.. Not that I could find (or even remember seeing popping up in my Steam news feed) anyway, but it’s open to speculation on Reddit.

To remedy this, Steam has (around a year ago at the time of this edit) has permitted key redemption through the web browser here.

You can pre-fill the key to add a query with the key key in the URL:


Source : Link , Question Author : gatherer818 , Answer Author : aytimothy

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