Difference between capturing and killing an enemy VIP?

Some missions require you to capture or kill an enemy VIP. I’m assuming capturing the VIP has better rewards than killing them, but I’m curious how they differ. Does capturing let you use them as a staff member? Grant you intel? Bonus research?

what possible benefits are ther for capture an enemy VIP versus killing them?


The mission reward for VIP capture missions is both supply and intel.

If you kill the VIP, you get the supply reward, but no intel.

If you capture the VIP by knocking them out and carrying them to the extraction zone, you will get both the intel and the supply reward. You will see them on the mission loot summary screen with their hands tied behind their back, and they do not appear very interested in joining your cause. Then you will never see them again.

Source : Link , Question Author : Wipqozn , Answer Author : Philipp

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