Do companions aim down sight or hip fire?

I’m going to start modding a gun for a companion soon, and I’m thinking about long barrels, stocks, etc. But then I realized that maybe they hip-fire all the time, and that would make the long barrel and stock pretty useless.

So do companions aim down sight or fire guns from their hip?


Based on conflicting posts here:

I can see them raising the weapon up to aim, like your iron-sights do in third-person. So it would appear that they use sighted fire, almost exclusively.


From what I have witnessed it is always hip fire.

it seems like they use both.

Additionally, a post here:

They can use both, same for settlers.

combined with a post here:

I think it just depends who you use. Nick valentine is a hip shooter, but piper seems to be able to scope, who are you using?

supports this.

Note: I realize these are all forum posts, but from all 3 places, the consensus appears to be that they both aim through the sights and fire from the hip.

Source : Link , Question Author : Typo , Answer Author : Vemonus

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