Do creepers make a sound when moving?

You’re in a cavern. It’s dark. But your ears work fine, so you know you’re safe. All mobs make noise, right? Zombies moan, Spiders squeak, Skeletons’ Bones tinkle, Slimes splat, Endermen… make… Ender… Noises? Except… for the dreaded CREEPER, who makes no noise until it’s TOO LATE! But… Do creepers make noise when they walk?

No, seriously. Do they? I’m in a cavern and I’m hearing something else taking steps, however I’m not hearing any other noises associated with mobs. Is this a Creeper creeping around somewhere?


The only noises they make is this hissing when they’re close to exploding, their hit noise, and explosion noise.

But footstep noises? I do believe they do, but only on certain floor types.


Source : Link , Question Author : Ender , Answer Author : Zeno

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