Do culture points ‘roll over’ if you opt out of adopting a new policy?

When asked to adopt a social policy, you can right click to opt out.
If you do this, do you lose those cultural points, or do they roll over until your next cultural advancement?

I don’t like any of the currently available social policies, but I have been asked to choose a new policy twice.


You will accumulate Culture Points even if you already have enough points to buy a policy. This can be very important strategically:

  • If you build the Cristo Redentor Wonder (or are close to building it) you should wait to buy your policy until after it’s complete, in order to gain the 33% discount.

  • If you build or annex more cities the cost of future policies goes up, so you should purchase your next policy before obtaining a new city.

As far as not wanting any of the currently available policies, sometimes you have to just take a non-ideal policy to open up future policies you DO care about.

Source : Link , Question Author : flyblackbox , Answer Author : lilserf

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