Do dropped mines in BF3 disappear when you die?

Probably anything you drop might disappear when you die, but I want to confirm.


Anti-Tank mines, EOD bots, Mortars, T-UGS and SOFLAM will not disappear upon death.

As of the latest patch, there is a limit of maximum (6) mines per player deployed. Deploying another causes the earliest one in the sequence to disappear.

C4’s and Claymores will disappear upon death.

MAVs survive your death, but will always blow up shortly after respawn.

Radio Beacons disappear once you, the deployer, spawn on them. Also, note that as of the latest patch once you deploy a radio beacon, squadmates can no longer spawn on you, only the radio beacon.

Source : Link , Question Author : Michael Pryor , Answer Author : Mr Smooth

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