Do factions and companions care what other factions you associate with?

Similarly to Skyrim, I want to join ALL of the factions in Fallout 4.

If I join the Brotherhood of Steel, will the Minutemen care?

Will Preston leave me as a companion if I join the Brotherhood of Steel?

If I join X, will Y care…etc?

Will companion X leave me if I join X faction?


As far as joining goes, you can join all of them without any problem, at least at first. I’m a member of all factions and no companion complained so far.

I even took Nick Valentine with me when visiting the Brotherhood, which results in a few comments but nothing more.

At some point there are consequences for doing certain missions with a faction, but I stopped before the point where I have to decide and avoided it so far. So I can’t tell anything more about the late game. But you can certainly join all the factions at first without worrying about your companions.

Source : Link , Question Author : FoxMcCloud , Answer Author : Mad Scientist

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