Do I ever get xp for my party member’s kills?

I’ve heard xp “Is not split” in D3 parties, but to whom is it given?

If there are a dozen monsters on the screen worth 100xp each, and my partner kills them all with some nuke (while I idly watch) do we each get 1200xp?

If so, and he kills the same batch of monsters while I am very far away, do I still get the xp?


XP is duplicated for each party members within “a screen and a half”1 of the kill, as if each member got the kill themselves. (Though all party members will get quest-end XP regardless of location.)

This is a departure from Diablo 2, where XP was literally divided among party members.

In your example, yes, you each would get 1200 XP, but not if you’re far away (“screen and a half”).

Source : Link , Question Author : jzn , Answer Author : Wolf

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