Do I need a harbor in the capital to make trade routes from other harbors work?

The manual (and the civilopedia) state for the harbor:

Effects: Forms a naval Trade Route
with the Capital City, +25% Production
of Naval Units, City must be on a

It is unclear to me though whether I need a harbor in the capital to make the trade routes from other harbors work … ?


The trade network is just that – a network.

In the same way that a city can be linked by road via another city already linked by road – they don’t all need their own roads directly to the capital – your trade network will spread via harbours.

What this means is you need at least one harbour within each “sub network” of your trade network. Here is a quick diagram:

Continent A     Water     Continent B
            |~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~|
     1------2 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 3------4-----5
            |~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~|

City 1 is your capital, and linked by road to city 2. If city 2 and city 3 both have a harbour then they extend the trade route across the water, this means 4 and 5 are also connected, because they are linked to 3 and so, by proxy, use it’s harbour link.

If in this example, even if 2 was your capital it would still need a harbour to extend your trade route accross the water, having a harbour in 3 alone is not sufficent.

This also works if 2 and 3 were on the same continent, but not connected by road/rail.

Source : Link , Question Author : Martin , Answer Author : DMA57361

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