Do I need to account for gravity when shooting an arrow?

Is the arrow I’m about to unleash going to feel the effects of gravity, or not? If so is there a general rule of thumb for how much compensation should be made when aiming to account for its effects?


It’s darn tricky!

Arrows are affected by gravity.

But to compensate for this fact, the game looks at the range of what’s in your cross-hairs and automatically adjusts your shot up “some”. At long range this automatic adjustment tends to under-correct, sending your shot low!

But if you manually adjust, you’ll be aiming at the mountain behind your target. The auto-adjustment will kick in abundantly against this far target, sending your shot high!

Incidentally, this auto-correction is why your shot lands behind you when you shoot straight up.

Source : Link , Question Author : fbrereto , Answer Author : Amy B

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