Do I need to stash unconscious Weeper bodies to save them from rats?

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I have been playing compassionately and I know that when rats devour a body it counts as a kill against you, so I’ve taken the time to stash bodies in places that rat swarms can’t get to.

I just knocked a Weeper unconscious. I know from the hints during the loading menu that summoned rats won’t attack a Weeper, due to the advanced progress of the plague.

Does this mean I don’t have to worry about rats devouring the bodies of Weepers I’ve knocked unconscious?


You should stash unconscious Weepers, if you really want to make sure that they won’t be eaten by rats. (Good hiding places are described in the answers to this question.)

I did some testing with the Devouring Swarm power, which spawns a swarm of rats (those rat swarms behave just like normal rat swarms):


enter image description here


enter image description here

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