Do Legendary drops only come from specific bosses?

From a Gearbox forum thread, legendary weapons drop from specific bosses in Borderlands 2. While this might make it easier to farm, it would be very useful to know if I can ever get legendary guns by normal, non-boss means. I have noticed extremely few legendary guns so far (two in >50 hours of gameplay, level 38 currently) so I’m wondering if I need to farm bosses or if they’re maybe more common at level 50 or something.

Do legendaries still drop from chests? Do the legendary items still drop from other enemies/bosses, just with reduced chance? I’m assuming/hoping Terramorpheous can drop any legendary?

I know Mike Mamaril might give you Orange items but since I’m on PC he’s insanely rare so he’s not a useful weapon source.


Doing some research as I was wondering this myself. . .

This forum post at Gamefaqs suggests that:

  1. (Most?) legendaries can drop anywhere/from anything but
  2. The chances in most places are extremely low and
  3. Certain bosses/mobs have significantly higher chances to spawn certain legendaries. Does this apply to certain chests as well? I don’t know.
  4. It seems some legendaries only drop from certain bosses (e.g. conference call). Meant to come back and add this but forgot!

I am doing further research.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ben Brocka , Answer Author : peacedog

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