Do plugins for Kerbal Space Program work on unix?

I have KSP installed on Ubuntu (via Steam) and I’m trying to install some plugins to make my rocket science easier.

I have successfully installed NovaPunch and it works (new parts appeared!). But MechJeb and Protractor do not work (I see no changes in UI).

So I tend to believe that there plugins that modify game UI do not support unix machines.
Or do I do something wrong? I have tried to unpack plugins both to separate directory (i.e. path is ...\protractor\Plugins) and to game folder (so archive data is merged with original game data – I think that’s correct way)


With very few exceptions, KSP mods are either parts only (and thus consist only of configuration files) or include plugins written in C# (which work on both Linux and Windows). MechJeb and Protractor specifically I can confidently say work on Linux because I’m using both right now.

All mods – parts or plugins – should be installed to the GameData directory. For example, if KSP were installed in ~/Games/KSP, with MechJeb installed you should have a directory structure that looks something like this:

  ...other KSP directories...
      ...base game files...
        ...MJ part configurations...
        ...MJ plugin DLL and PluginData files...

Bear in mind that with MechJeb you need to install a MechJeb part on your rocket to see any UI changes. Furthermore, if you’re playing in career mode, you’ll need to unlock it in the tech tree before it appears.

Source : Link , Question Author : Meta , Answer Author : ToxicFrog

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