Do positive coordinate locations give more ore in Minecraft?

I’ve heard that due to a bug in the terrain generation locations in the positive direction (i.e. (3,5),(100,200)) give more materials such as iron. I can’t find any proof this claim, however. Is this true?


As of 1.6, this has been fixed.

  • Fixed ore density varying per
    quadrant from the center of the world

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Okay, the original link comes from this answer here.

This, in turn, links to this reddit article, from which the following image is drawn.enter image description here

In addition, one of the reddit comments explains why this appears to be the case, quote:

The bug occurs because of how all ore
(and dirt and gravel) are spawned in
the game. The game rounds everything
towards to 0 (instead of just down),
and then adds +0.5 when determining if
a block has ore or not. It works for
positive numbers (which is the
southwest), and doesn’t work as well
for negative numbers (which is
everything in the northeast). They
just need to fix the rounding they do.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jim , Answer Author : Community

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