Do scanner room range upgrades stack?

I installed the scanner room range and speed updates in my scanner room, but I have two more slots for upgrades. If I add two more range upgrades do they stack with the existing one?

I tried adding them but it’s really not clear if it made a difference or not. The map in the scanner room doesn’t look any larger…


Yes, according to the Scanning Room wiki page, upgrades of the same type will stack and increase their overall effectiveness:

The Scanner Room will also scan for nearby resources, identifying them as red blips on the central hologram. It has a base scanning range of 300 meters and max of 500 meters. The scanner can only search for one resource type at a time and has a base time of 14 seconds, but the searching speed and range can be increased to take 2 seconds at max with the Scanner Room Range Upgrade and Scanner Room Speed Upgrade; you can have more of the same upgrade in the scanner room to extend the range and speed even more.

Source : Link , Question Author : Wjousts , Answer Author : Vemonus

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